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DSM offers custom design capabilities for rotary and linear piezo stages required for unique positioning applications and environments. DSM's flexure mechanism designs are used in micropositioning applications where backlash- and stiction-free performance are critical.

High Power Rotary Actuator for Kinetic Energy Weapons

SBIR Contract

DSM developed a rotary piezoelectric driven actuator for use in the Sandia RAZAR Adaptive Zoom Rifle Scope

In the News

Custom Piezoelectric Rotary Stages

A representative example of a custom, multi-axis design required a ±0.25° rotational stage mounted to two manually-adjustable flexure stages for 0.5 mm linear travel and ±2° rotation (not shown). The rotary stage was designed for closed-loop operation using an eddy current proximity displacement sensor and DSM's SA servo amplifier. The total footprint of the assembly is approximately 25 x 60 mm. In the actual closed-loop application, this stage achieved the desired move and settle operation for 10% of the full scale rotation within 10 msec.

Custom piezoelectric rotary stage designed by Dynamic Structures & Materials

Example Features:

  • Flexure-based for smooth, backlash-free motion
  • 35 mm assembly height (18 mm height without the ±2° tilt stage, not shown)
  • 25 mm x 60 mm footprint
  • Stiff construction for fast servo positioning
  • Scalable design for larger or smaller motions