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Piezo Actuators

Most of the piezo actuators and stages DSM makes don't show up on the website. If what you are looking for isn't quickly found on the site (or you are not sure exactly what you need), send us an email. You will get a quick response from our technical experts who will listen and work with you to get a solution.

If you have an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) application that requires precision hardware and electronics, give DSM the chance to earn your business. DSM's specialty is providing OEMs with solid, competitively priced custom actuator products and an excellent customer experience. Whether you need 10 or 10,000+ units per year, DSM can design, manufacture, assemble, and test products on site. In addition to standard options, DSM can provide high stroke, high resolution, and harsh environment products.

Engineers, product managers and OEM buyers quickly realize that they can get the best unit prices along with the service and technical attention they want from DSM. Contact us to find your precision motion solution.

Piezo Actuator Applications

Faster High-Cycle Fatigue Tests using Piezoelectric Actuators

DSM custom designs high-cycle fatigue (HCF) test actuators for unique fatigue test applications.  Fatigue tests create repetitive stress events within sample material and structural specimens for millions to billions of cyclic events. Exposure to repeating stress events is critical for determining the potential life of a part or the number of cycles required to fracture a specific material or structural specimen in a given scenario. High-cycle fatigue stress event magnitudes are typically much lower than a material’s yield strength. Since the repetitive events may last tens of millions to billions of cycles, using piezoelectric actuators that can operate at frequency in the hundreds to thousands of hertz range may significantly reduce fatigue test duration.

DSM’s piezoelectric flexure-based actuators may be used to apply various force levels with multi-micron displacement to study electrical junctions, sensitive structural components, and delicate instrument materials. Piezoelectric actuators may be used in fatigue test systems to greatly reduce the amount of time required to achieve failure – or test completion. Fatigue tests that would last months at 50 Hz can be completed in less than 2 weeks at 1000 Hz with piezoelectric-actuator-based cyclic fatigue test instruments.  

Use of flexure mechanisms results in a solid-state device that can be designed with flexure stress states well below flexure material endurance limits. Avoiding the use of rotary bearings also provides the benefits of friction-less, low-noise, and lubrication free operation. Especially in very short stroke linear travel fatigue testers, flexures may have greater endurance limits than rotary bearing alternatives. Learn more about how piezo actuators work on DSM's Piezo Actuator Basics page.

Vacuum, High Temperatures, Non-magnetic, Cross Axis Excitation

Piezoelectric actuator-based high-cycle fatigue test machines may also be designed to provide function in extreme environments such as vacuum, non-magnetic or those requiring supplementary vibration axis. With the correct selection of piezoceramic formulation, temperature specifications to greater than 200 C maybe achieved. Applications in dispensing of engine fuels (fuel injectors) are some of the most significant high temperature applications for piezoelectric stack actuators. Additional industrial applications include precision fluid regulation in semiconductor production, precision dispensing of industrial process fluids, precision adjustment/alignment in bearing machining operations.

Actuate your high-cycle fatigue (HCF) applications using Dynamic Structures & Materials' high stiffness and fast response piezoelectric actuators. Consider DSM's FPA-0100E (100+ micrometers with high natural frequency) or call an engineer to create a customized actuator today.

High Power Rotary Actuator for Kinetic Energy Weapons

SBIR Contract

DSM developed a rotary piezoelectric driven actuator for use in the Sandia RAZAR Adaptive Zoom Rifle Scope

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Piezo Stages

DSM offers custom design capabilities for precision rotary and linear piezo stages required for unique positioning applications and environments. DSM's flexure designs are used in micropositioning applications where backlash- and stiction-free performance are critical.

Custom Piezoelectric Rotary Stages

A representative example of a custom, multi-axis design required a ±0.25° rotational stage mounted to two manually-adjustable flexure stages for 0.5 mm linear travel and ±2° rotation (not shown). The rotary stage was designed for closed-loop operation using an eddy current proximity displacement sensor and DSM's SA servo amplifier. The total footprint of the assembly is approximately 25 x 60 mm. In the actual closed-loop application, this stage achieved the desired move and settle operation for 10% of the full scale rotation within 10 msec.

Custom piezoelectric rotary stage designed by Dynamic Structures & Materials

Example Features:

  • Flexure-based for smooth, backlash-free motion
  • 35 mm assembly height (18 mm height without the ±2 degree tilt stage, not shown)
  • 25 mm x 60 mm footprint
  • Stiff construction for fast servo positioning
  • Scalable design for larger or smaller motions

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