Piezo Device Repair

DSM is a full-service piezo actuator design, manufacture, and support company offering repair and reconditioning services of third-party devices.

Our expert technicians have extensive experience in the assembly of piezo actuators and other devices. They are J-standard certified for soldering and electronic assembly; and have access to a full range of actuator performance test equipment and quality assurance procedures.

Our technicians can rebuild and refurbish unique, obsolete, and difficult-to-source devices.

Devices that we can service:

  • Piezo actuators
  • Guided flexure stages
  • Piezo linear motors
  • Ultrasonic motors
  • Piezo electronics
  • Piezo shutters

Services offered:

  • Piezo actuator repair
  • Piezo electronics repair
  • Piezo stage repair
  • Complete rebuild
  • Soldering
  • Solder joint repair
  • Connector replacement
  • Piezo stack replacement
  • Refurbishment and more

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Piezo Actuator Repair

Dynamic Structures and Materials received a damaged piezo actuator assembly. The unit was repaired, new stacks were added and the same connector was reattached. After piezo stack replacement and reassembly, the piezo actuator was tested to confirm that the device was successfully repaired and worked properly.

Piezo actuator before being repaired
Piezo actuator before being repaired

Damaged piezo stacks were removed

Base pre-repair

New piezo stacks were installed, the same connector was reattached and the unit was tested.

Piezo actuator repaired by Dynamic Structures & Materials
Actuator Repaired by DSM

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