CAS Technology

Precision Guidance for Harsh Environments

DSM has invested the last 11 years continually refining its control actuation system (CAS) technology to redefine the art of the possible. Our advanced actuation and miniaturized driver technologies developed over the past 24 years allow us to build CAS products for customers that require precise low SWaP-C solutions for the next generation of precision guided munitions. Current developments have focused on 38 – 155 mm caliber projectiles.

As most of DSM's CAS development work cannot be shared publicly, contact DSM sales to discuss how DSM can meet your specific CAS needs.


  • Hypersonic Projectiles
  • Missiles
  • Glide Projectiles
  • Air Drop Projectiles
  • Precision Guided Munitions
  • Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs)
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Guided Mortars
  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV)


  • Defense Contractors
  • US Navy
  • US Army
  • US Air Force

Gun-Hardened, Low Power Draw Systems

High Performance with Low SWaP-C

DSM's CAS technology boasts high precision and bandwidth coupled with low size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C). DSM brings new technology to the CAS world that allows smaller more precise munitions to be developed or increased range and payload size on larger munitions.

High-G Survivability, Flight-Tested

After more than 11 years of continuous R&D, DSM has developed CAS hardware that can reliably survive flight test launch accelerations exceeding 30,000 G. DSM utilizes in-house reverse ballistic test assets, spin test devices, and environmental chambers during development to reduce survival risk before costly flight testing.

Zero-Power Hold

DSM's CAS technology achieves extremely low average power draw by taking advantage of zero-power hold. This means the actuator draws no power when holding a static position, even at extreme fin deflection angles and for very short time durations between individual position commands. This capability is especially helpful for precision glide munitions or any application that requires small flight path corrections followed by high duty cycle endgame maneuvers.

Precision Actuation

Closed Loop Control

Using advanced sensor technologies and coupled with years of software development, DSM's technology redefines CAS precision to achieve increased range and reduced miss distances.

High Resolution Encoders

DSM manufactures high resolution sensor packages capable of reliably surviving high launch acceleration events.

Zero Backlash

Many of DSM’s CAS products have ZERO or ultra-low backlash. This can make a huge impact on overall precision, range, and power draw. DSM has been developing precision motion products for over 24 years and has applied custom technologies to its CAS hardware to provide state-of-the-art precision munition guidance.

High Bandwidth

Compared to typical CAS technologies that use EM motors and complex geartrains, DSM's CAS technology yields a simpler system that achieves very high bandwidth in most applications.

CAS position profile comparing the target position set by the GEU to the actual position of the CAS fin over time.

Custom Integration

Simple Integration

CAS units are designed with miniaturization and flexibility in mind. DSM has years of experience integrating systems with various customer interfaces and a long track record of providing simple integration into difficult packaging envelopes.

Low Magnetic Interference

Our CAS technology uses no magnets, which is critical for not causing interference in many guidance systems. DSM’s CAS products can be packaged closely to guidance sensors.  This characteristic is very useful for Magnetic Navigation (MagNav) applications.

Multiple Axes of Control

Our current technology supports up to 8 axes of independent motion per driver.

Patented Fin Deployment

Control Surface Deployment Technology

Our patented control surface deployment technology minimizes drag, stores fins compactly, and requires no additional actuators to deploy the fins. Before deployment, the fins are stowed flat against the body of the projectile, increasing critical internal projectile volume. When released, the fins deploy in a path that always keeps them in-line with the airstream.

2-Axis CAS Demonstration

This is one of the first CAS systems designed by DSM. While DSM has designed many CASs, this is one of the few systems that does not contain proprietary or customer information.

4-Axis Development CAS Unit

Development CAS units are available to customers to test communication and controls capabilities early to aid in fast moving CAS development programs.

SBIR Research and Development

Flight Tested Integrated Guidance Electronics Package

SBIR Contract:

This DARPA direct-to-phase-II SBIR allowed DSM to work with a major Defense prime to integrate our world-class piezoelectric drivers and their guidance package into a single miniaturized Integrated ElectronicsPackage. This IEP features IMU sensors, a guidance computer, and multi-axis closed-loop piezoactuator control into a single sealed package. DSM drastically reduced the volume of our electronics package while simultaneously increasing performance. DSM successfully completed powder gun launch testing in Q1 2022. Further integration work is underway to use this miniaturized electronics system in next-gen precision munitions.

Non-Inductive Control Surface Actuator

SBIR Contract:

DSM demonstrated an inexpensive, non-inductive actuation mechanism that can be used in a canard actuation system (CAS) without adding noise or bias to the measurements of onboard magnetometers during guidance and fuzing operations of miniaturized precision munitions.

Actuators for Direct Fire Precision Munitions

SBIR Contract:

During this rapid Phase I SBIR project, DSM modularized our CAS technology into single-axis modules. DSM designed and fabricated multiple units that under went performance analysis and successful setback testing. We delivered multiple functional shock-hardened actuators to ARL for testing.

DSM's CAS technology is subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Contact DSM for more information on the CAS.

Client Testimonial
Engineering Lead,
Large Defense and Technologies Company

I have worked with DSM since 2014 where they were tasked to provide actuation solutions for a family of developmental aerospace vehicles.

Since joining the team, DSM has consistently exceeded expectations and produced outstanding results that in no small part contributed to several, large program achievements.

The DSM team offers talent, drive, agility, and best practices engineering to rapidly deliver innovative solutions to complex research and development challenges. Moreover, their ability and desire to be supportive teammates quickly resulted in their role expanding to becoming an integral part of the systems engineering team for the aerospace vehicle designs at-large.

The DSM team simply has the right stuff for advanced technology research and development, and I am pleased to offer them my highest recommendation.

"Since joining the team, DSM has consistently exceeded expectations and produced outstanding results that in no small part contributed to several, large program achievements."