Motion Characterization

DSM's specialty is precision motion. We offer characterization of motion on nanometer and microradian scales, dependent on what resolution you require. This testing also includes run out characterization.

Impact Testing

DSM regularly uses an in-house impact cannon to test and rate components during development. This test method is capable of delivering up to 100,000 g at impact. Our setup is highly adaptable and modifications can be made to accommodate your needs.

Cryogenic (LN2) Performance & Reliability Testing

DSM has developed products that are rated for cryogenic operation; such as our cryogenic piezo valve actuators. During the development of these products, DSM spent extensive time testing them in temperatures down to liquid nitrogen levels. Please contact us and we can discuss testing and what we can do to help.

Thermal Testing

DSM has experience with thermal characterization, such as modeling a material's coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). We are also capable of thermal cyclic testing and collecting whatever data is of interest.

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