Piezo Shutters

XRS1-900 Shutter used to block light beam

Piezo shutters rapidly change between the open and closed condition making them suitable for use in beam lines. Each shutter is made using two opposed piezoelectric actuators with customizable teeth that block the beam in the default closed condition and open when energized letting the beam pass through. The material of the blocking teeth can be substituted to increase resistance to wear from beam emissions. Shutters are ultra-high vacuum compatible. For dynamic applications, a K-type thermocouple can be incorporated to monitor temperature and prevent overheating. Use with Matched Driver -  VF-500-XRS.

4 ready-to-order models are available. Contact us for customized solutions.

Part Number
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Open Aperture Min. (um)First Natural Frequency (Hz)Minimum Recommended open or close Time (ms)Minimum Recommended Cycle Time (ms)
XRS1-800   680 500 3.4 8
XRS1-900   900 900 2 5
XRS1-1600   1180 300 5.7 12
XRS1-2500   2500 500 7 15

Highlights of the Shutter Design

• Flexure-guided for smooth, parallel motion

• High natural frequencies and rapid response

• UHV Compatible

• Customizable and scalable for new applications

• Use with Matched Driver -  VF-500-XRS


• Shutter / Beam Stop

• Optical Setups

• Free Electron Laser (FEL) Beam Stop

Please contact DSM for other options or questions.