Precise Solutions

Dynamic Structures & Materials is a top provider of precision motion products and services.
Products are designed, manufactured and assembled in Franklin, TN, USA.
DSM Sells Direct Worldwide.

High Speed Piezo Shutters

Use DSM’s UHV compatible High Speed Piezo Shutters to control exposure of samples to FELs, beamlines and other applications.

Smart Ultrasonic Motors:

High torque piezoelectric motor with encoder and controller/amplifier in a compact package


A sincere thank you to all of DSM’s customers for making it possible for us to celebrate 20 years in business!

Made in

Control Actuation Systems (CAS)

DSM uses advanced actuation technologies to develop compact control actuation systems (CAS) for customers that require precise independent closed loop actuation.

Client Testimonials

DSM has shown true customer commitment in not only delivering what was quoted but also thinking ahead with us along the way and ironing out the wrinkles that came up later on in the engineering process. On top of that you are very fast in replying to our emails and proved to be a flexible engineering partner. There is no question about that. Those were aspects in our initial communications that convinced us to choose DSM over its competitors and placing an order while the details were not worked out yet. And yes, relationship matters if you want to work this flexible and efficient way.

- Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR), USA

DSM Employment

At DSM you will work on projects for customers that include: world class science labs, cutting edge new startups, fortune 100 companies, top government/military organizations and everything in between.

The work is challenging, fast paced and satisfying. The products and solutions are often uncommon and will exercise your creativity and technical skills. You will have the opportunity to participate in projects from the first phone calls with prospective customers all the way to delivering the final hardware or solution.