Piezo Electronics

Piezo actuators and positioning systems require unique drive and control electronics. DSM offers off-the-shelf electronics and custom circuit design services for piezo-based applications.
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VF-500 Open Loop Piezo Amplifier

DSM’s VF-500 linear piezo amplifier is a high-quality voltage follower that amplifies a low voltage input signal. High-power benchtop instrument providing 500 mA maximum continuous current (1 A peak) for driving piezoelectric devices rated up to 200V.
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SA-500 Closed Loop Servo Amplifier

The SA-500 servo amplifier includes the functionality of the VF-500 plus adds additional capabilities for communication, I/O, and stand-alone servo control of piezo positioning systems. High-resolution position control can be achieved using the SA amplifier to close the loop on an analog or digital feedback signal integrated into the positioning system.
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VF-90 Open Loop Piezo Amplifier

DSM's VF-90 linear piezoelectric amplifier module provides functionality for driving piezoelectric (capacitive) loads in a compact form factor. Provides 90 mA maximum continuous and peak current for piezo devices rated for up to 150 V. Low noise for precision applications; 0.5 mVrms typical. The VF-90 features over-current, over-temperature, and short-circuit protection as well as protection against over/under voltage conditions on the power line.
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MD-90 Motor Driver

The MD-90 is a 2-channel linear amplifier for operating the I-20 piezo motor. This original equipment manufacturer (OEM) unit can be used in two primary ways as a: 1.) 2-channel piezo motor driver complete with quadrature encoder feedback and 2.) 2-channel piezo device amplifier with analog feedback for both closed and open loop operation.
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UMD3.1 Ultrasonic Motor Driver

The UMD3.1 is a 3-channel motor driver designed to work with the SUM-40NM nonmagnetic motor. This driver can provide power to 1, 2, or 3 SUM-40NM motors, and is designed to locate the electronics away from the magnetic field. Connection and operation is made easy with a USB cable and ASCII commands.
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