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STOP! What's that light at the end of the tunnel?

February 20, 2004
Large linear excursion goniometer
Large Linear Excursion Goniometer

DSM was faced with the challenge of designing and building a high-precision surface goniometer with closed-loop control of six independent degrees of freedom, including over 100ft of linear displacement, for use at the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s National Calibration Facility for Retroreflective Traffic Control Materials.

DSM designed and built an automated goniometer capable of supporting samples weighing up to 10kg and measuring up to 125 cm in length. The system is capable of translating samples ± 30.5cm along the vertical axis while maintaining the samples position along orthogonal axis to within 0.005cm. DSM was able to accomplish this feat by using precision stages incorporated into a precision assembly, all mounted on 30m of precision railing.

Read more about the Large Linear Excursion Goniometer and DSM's other gimbal (goniometer) stage capabilities on this page.

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