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Flexure-guided Nanopositioning Z-stage

August 22, 2005

Piezo positioning system maker Dynamic Structures and Materials, LLC (DSM) has introduced the flexure-guided CZSA-1000 nanopositioning z-stage featuring a full 1 mm of closed-loop servo motion control.

The stage’s compact 25 mm height and 62.5 x 125 mm footprint facilitates integration of the stage into scanning, metrology, inspection, and other nanopositioning applications. The parallel flexure design ensures minimal roll and tilt of the output stage despite the industry-record 1000 µm travel range, and the mechanism’s stiff kinematic design ensures stable dynamic responsiveness and position control.

Together with an integrated capacitive probe displacement sensor, the CZSA-1000 stage and DSM’s servo piezo controllers provide full control of the system’s motion profile for fast acceleration, deceleration and constant velocity scans. RS-232 communication and LabVIEW drivers enable ease of use and integration of the piezo controllers into laboratory test set-ups and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems.

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