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Three-axis Nanopositioning Stage For Vacuum

June 5, 2004
Three axis nanopositioning stage for vacuum; 3 axis stage
Three-axis Nanopositioning Stage For Vacuum

When one of DSM's customers required a custom three-axis positioning system, DSM leveraged the flexure-based design of its flextensional piezo actuators to create independent X, Y, and Z stages. The resulting X and Y stages each provide 200 microns of travel, and the Z axis has a stroke of 500 microns. The original stage assembly was designed for vacuum compatibility and was provided with benchtop models of DSM's VF linear piezo amplifier. The basic design of the stage systems is scalable to smaller/larger displacement capabilities.

As a follow-on deliverable to the original, open-loop XYZ system above, DSM's customer requested closed-loop capability for the X and Y axes. DSM incorporated capacitive probes and used SA-100 linear servo amplifiers to provide stand-alone servo control. A 24-bit analog input accepts the position target signal, and digital I/O provides flags for "in-range" and data acquisition triggers.

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