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Piezo Actuators For Motion Control in Non-Magnetic and Vacuum Environments

January 14, 2009

Dynamic Structures and Materials (DSM) has expanded its portfolio of customizable FlexFrame PiezoActuators™.

DSM’s FlexFrame PiezoActuator™ product family can be custom-configured for unique geometric and weight constraints as well as for demanding environments including extreme temperature, non-magnetic and vacuum requirements. The lack of sliding between internal components eliminates wear and particulate generation. Flexure guidance provides smooth, stiction-free and backlash-free motion for critical positioning applications with no need for lubrication.

Piezo actuators are used over other methods of motion control when any of the following requirements are important: high-precision and/or high-force motion control, travel ranges up to 10 mm, millisecond response rates, zero-wear and friction-free operation, extreme temperature operation, vacuum or non-magnetic environmental compatibility.

Typical applications include precision positioning and scanning applications in the semiconductor, medical device/instrumentation, switching, biotechnology, aerospace and fluid flow control industries.

“DSM sets itself apart by providing clients with a great experience. We know clients want innovative and skillfully engineered solutions. As important, we understand they want ongoing communication throughout the process of creating solutions that meet project objectives within their schedule and budget. Our standard products provide a cost effective way to satisfy many motion control needs and our custom engineering services can be used to assist with integration or used to create entirely new systems,” says owner Dr. Jeff Paine.

DSM’s full line of standard FlexFrame PiezoActuator™ products can be seen at dynamic-structures.com.




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