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New Release: Miniature Piezoelectric Actuators

June 1, 2006

New product announcement:
Dynamic Structures and Materials, LLC (DSM) is pleased to introduce two ultra-compact piezoelectric actuators or stages for weight-sensitive and space-sensitive applications. These flexure-guided mechanisms are new additions to DSM’s line of piezoelectric positioning actuators, which currently offers a range of motion from 10 microns to 10 mm. The use of flexure guidance enables motion that is free of backlash and friction.

The FPA-180E piezo actuator provides 180 microns of displacement range in a 6 gram titanium package of less than 8 x 9 x 26 mm in size. The stiffness of the FPA-180E is 0.39 N/micron, and the device offers a fast dynamic response through an unloaded natural frequency of 1325 Hz.

The FPA-80E is a slightly different stage construction of stainless steel that measures 8 x 10 x 17 mm in size. The corresponding stroke, stiffness, and unloaded natural frequency are 80 microns, 0.5 N/micron, and 1700 Hz, respectively.

Similar to DSM’s other piezoelectric actuators, the FPA-180E and the FPA-80E’s construction materials are compatible with clean room and vacuum environments. This type of preloaded, flexure-guided actuator design is readily adaptable into a variety of applications including miniature valves, optical switching and scanning, and nanopositioning. DSM’s actuators are typically supplied with piezo material rated for -30/150V operation, but other materials and custom designs are available upon request.

About DSM:
DSM specializes in the design, development, integration, and support of micropositioning, nanopositioning, and robotic positioning devices and systems for precision motion control applications in the semiconductor, aerospace, medical, and research industries. DSM’s core competencies in the design and integration of specialty piezoelectric actuators and stages, piezo amplifiers and drivers, and robotic platforms enable innovative positioning solutions for unique applications.

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