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LabVIEW Consulting Services

May 5, 2019

DSM is now offering LabVIEW consulting services, specializing in motion control. LabVIEW is often used by DSM in many of the projects we work on. Our design portfolio includes piezoelectric actuators and flexure-guided positioning systems as well as more common motion control components including stepper motors, linear motors, harmonic drives, air bearings, controllers, and brushless DC motor drivers.

In order to build our motion control products and pursue other internal development efforts, DSM maintains a staff that can efficiently program PCs, motion controllers, and embedded logic.  DSM also hosts a team of experienced mechanical engineers who are knowledgeable in a wide array of topics.  LabVIEW services can be combined with our expertise in electronics and mechanical design or offered separately.

LabVIEW VI screen capture

LabVIEW VI screen captur

Contact LabVIEW@dynamic-structures.com or Click Here for more information.

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