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Gantry Robot with 3D Laser Scanner

November 18, 2005
Gantry robot with 3D laser scanner
Gantry Robot with 3D Laser Scanner

A commercial XYZ gantry robot has been combined with machine vision, a high-precision laser scanner, custom end effectors, data processing algorithms, and path planning software.   The robot is a key component of a X-ray computed tomography (CT) system used for non-destructive evaluation.

The robotic system addresses a very challenging material handling problem for the munitions industry.   The system is designed to locate, acquire, and manipulate a wide range of part geometries placed in arbitrary locations and orientations while providing adequate platform stability and stiffness to reduce undesirable motion of large parts during CT imaging.   System safety must be maintained at all times.

DSM designed three robotic end effectors to handle the variety of part geometries anticipated in the munitions handling application.   Each end effector or gripper is interchangeable on a wrist located on one of the robot's Z axes.   A six-axis force transducer is built into the wrist assembly.

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