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Five-Axis Automated Aligner Positioner

September 10, 2007
Five axis automated aligner positioner
Five-Axis Automated Aligner Positioner

By leveraging DSM's core competencies in motion control and flexure-based kinematic mechanisms, DSM developed a PC-based, low cost, 5 axis aligner/positioner system for the automated assembly and/or positioning of mating components in laboratory and industrial manufacturing environments. The solid-state flexure mechanisms provide stiction-free motion in a stiff and compact package.

The initial aligner/positioner system was designed to meet the need for alignment processes used in optical component manufacturing. The system consists of two independent stages mounted on a common base with integrated kinematic software for virtual pivot point rotation and linear motion. The left stationary stage provides Y and theta-Y motions, while the right stage, which is also mounted to a Z-axis stage, provides X and theta-X motions.

This system is available with customized end tooling as well as customized search and peaking algorithms with user-configurable algorithm parameters. Other stage configurations, including packaging of all 5 axes on a single side of the assembly environment, can be readily designed for custom solutions.

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