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DSM Meets Project Milestone for Vertical Linear Accelerator

December 18, 2010

This week DSM met a significant milestone on our SBIR Phase II "Vertical Linear Accelerator" (VLA) Project.


DSM welcomes inquiries into this developing technology and is actively seeking commercial opportunities for this system and/or expansion into additional military platforms.

Project Description

A Phase II SBIR from the Navy to design and build a Vertical Linear Accelerator for Human Visual-Vestibular Acuity Testing and Training.

Main Goal

To provide vertical linear oscillation stimuli to the otolith organs, which are apparently less well understood than the semicircular canals.

Motion Quality

Device must be as smooth and as quiet as possible to provide isolated stimulus to the saccule. This is accomplished in part by the use of brushless linear motors and air bearings as the primary mover and guidance components.

Motion Requirements: 12ft. stroke, 2Hz freq. response, 1G peak acceleration, 182kg total payload, ± 3mm position error, arbitrary waveform capability.

DVA Test

The VLA will include an integrated dynamic visual acuity (DVA) tester.

Safety System

To ensure that an uncontrolled fall does not occur, a triple redundant safety scheme utilizing long travel impact bumpers, rail brakes, and dynamic braking is being implemented.


DSM plans to have the VLA completed Spring 2011.

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