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Air Bearing Motion Platforms

May 10, 2007
air bearing motion platforms
Air Bearing Motion Platforms

Dynamic Structures and Materials offers custom air bearing stage design and integration for a wide array of rotary and linear applications.   DSM is experienced at both stage design and integration of air bearings with drive components to meet the most demanding levels of precision.   The pictured system is a combination of a linear and rotary stage using air bearings in both axes.   DSM's experience with air bearings also includes dovetail slides for high-load linear motion and air bushings for linear scanning stages.

Air bearings are an excellent solution for applications requiring high levels of precision and performance.   Air bearings exhibit frictionless motion and high resolution position control.   They do not suffer from wear, have high stiffness, can achieve high speeds and have better damping characteristics than rolling element bearings.   Their form of motion is very accurate with low synchronous and asynchronous error.


  • Sub-micron positioning capability
  • Micron and sub-micron accuracy forms of motion
  • Excellent damping characteristics
  • High speeds are attainable
  • Zero bearing noise
  • Zero static friction and minimal wear

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