August 01, 2005


New product announcement:
Dynamic Structures and Materials, LLC (DSM) is pleased to introduce an ultra-compact piezoelectric actuator for weight-sensitive and space-sensitive applications. The FPA-125 piezo actuator provides 125 microns of displacement range in a package geometry of less than 8mm x 8mm x 26mm that weighs less than 6g. Similar to many of DSM’s other flexure-based piezoelectric actuators, this model’s construction materials are compatible with clean room and vacuum environments. The FPA-125 features a stiffness of 0.4 N/micron and offers fast dynamic response through an unloaded resonant frequency of 1300 Hz. Designed for aerospace requirements, this piezo actuator is readily adaptable into a variety of applications including miniature valves, optical switching and scanning, and nanopositioning.