Reliable Linear Valve Actuator for Cryogenic Propellant Fluid Control

SBIR Contract:

DSM just finished the second phase of an SBIR effort to develop a unique technology that promises many advantages in the field of cryogenic actuation.  DSM's patent-pending technology cuts down significantly on costs and highly simplifies the system as a whole.  Currently the technology is at a level of TRL 5.  A driver has also been developed and extensively tested.

Non-Inductive Control Surface Actuator

SBIR Contract:

DSM demonstrated an inexpensive, non-inductive actuation mechanism that can be used in a canard actuation system (CAS) without adding noise or bias to the measurements of onboard magnetometers during guidance and fuzing operations of miniaturized precision munitions.

Cryogenic Piezoelectric Research

SBIR Contracts:
Reliable Actuator for Cryo Propellant Fluid Control
High Reliability Cryogenic Piezoelectric Valve Actuator
Cryogenic Rotary Piezoelectric Motor
Precision Motorized Cryo/Vacuum Stage

DSM has completed multiple SBIRs related to Propellant/Cryogenic Piezo Electric Actuators and Valves.

High Power Rotary Actuator for Kinetic Energy Weapons

SBIR Contract:

DSM developed a rotary piezoelectric driven actuator for use in the Sandia RAZAR Adaptive Zoom Rifle Scope.

Sandia National Labs: Adaptive zoom riflescope prototype has push-button magnification

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gizmag: RAZAR riflescope brings push-button zoom to the battlefied 

Parallel Kinematic Actuator with Reduced Size and Improved Performance

SBIR Contract:

DSM designed an "actively compliant" end-effector that uses parallel kinematics and force feedback. The end-effector can be fixed to the end of a conventional articulated robot. Using its high bandwidth in six axes of motion and force feedback, the end-effector is able to correct for compliance and shifts in the position of the patient. Thus, controlled contact can be maintained between the ultrasound device and the patient.