Custom Rotary Stages

DSM offers custom design capabilites for rotary and linear piezo stages required for unique positioning applications and environments. DSM's flexure mechanism designs are used in micropositiong applications where backlash- and sitction-free performance are critical.

High Power Rotary Actuator for Kinetic Energy Weapons

Custom Piezoelectric Rotary Stages
A representative example of a custom, multi-axis design required a +/-0.25 degree rotational stage mounted to two manually-adjustable flexure stages for 0.5mm linear travel and +/- 2 degree rotation (not shown). The rotary stage was designed for closed-loop operation using an eddy current proximity displacement sensor and DSM's SA servo amplifier. The total footprint of the assembly is approximately 25 x 60 mm. In the actual closed-loop application, this stage achieved the desired move and settle operation for 10% of the full scale rotation within 10 msec.

Example Features:

  • Flexure-based for smooth, backlash-free motion
  • 35mm assembly height (18mm height without the +/- 2 degree tilt stage, not shown)
  • 25mm x 60mm footprint
  • Stiff construction for fast servo positioning
  • Scalable design for larger or smaller motions