Please include answers to the following questions with your request for the best recommendations:

  1. What are you trying to accomplish?  Please provide a clear description and pictures, diagrams, simple sketches, etc. if possible.
  2. What displacement range do you need?
  3. What load will the actuator carry?
  4. Is it a static load or a dynamic load such as a spring force?
  5. What positioning resolution do you require?
  6. What is the positioning accuracy you require?
  7. What are your bandwidth requirements? How fast does the actuator need to move, or at what frequency will you drive the actuator?
  8. What does the desired motion profile look like? (point-to-point, sinusoidal, etc.)
  9. Are you able to use open loop operation, or do you require closed-loop servo control?
  10. Are there any special environmental considerations (temperature, humidity, vacuum, etc.)?
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