The Sum-40 Smart motor
Total Rotation: 360° Continuous
Max Velocity: 300 RPM (1800 deg/s)
Max Rated Torque: 100 mN-m
Continuous Torque: 50 mN-m
Feedback: Optical Encoder
Encoder Resolution: 130 microradians
Mass: 82g
Operational Temp: -20C to 50C
Dimensions: 40mm x 34.4mm (Ø x L)
Driver Peak Power: 12 W
Frame Size: NEMA 17
Motor Housing: Aluminum
Communication: USB-C / RS232

A Smart Motor

DSM's Smart Ultrasonic Motor products package a small, high torque piezoelectric motor with integrated amplifier, controller, encoder, and USB Type-C / RS232 communications. This gives the user closed-loop control in a compact package that can be easily implemented into an application to provide precise rotation. This motor uses ultrasonic piezoelectric technology to provide the following advantages:

  • High torque direct drive operation that eliminates the need for added gear reduction in many applications.
  • A precision ultrasonic motor coupled with a high resolution encoder to provide precise rotary positioning.
  • Zero power hold at a torque level higher than the max drive torque, which leads to greatly reduced power consumption in applications that require holding a precise position.
  • Zero backlash, which improves overall system precision.
  • USB Type-C and RS232 communication provide simple implementation in any application.
  • Compact design provides an ideal solution for applications with size and weight restrictions.
  • NEMA 17 mounting pattern is provided to simplify integration.
  • The ultrasonic nature of the technology provides quiet operation.
  • No magnets used in the system. If a fully nonmagnetic version is needed for your application, please contact DSM.


    Smart Motor Advantages:

    High torque


    Zero power hold

    No backlash

    Compact design

    USB Type-C / RS232

    Quiet operation
    The SUM-40 is a direct drive piezo ultrasonic motor with an integrated amplifier, controller, and optical encoder that gives the user closed loop control in a compact package. Despite its small size, the SUM-40 boasts a continuous torque of 50 mN-m while the integrated optical encoder provides 130 microradian resolution.

    We are actively looking for Beta testing partners. Please contact us if this interests you.
     Torque curve of the Ultrasonic piezo rotary stage
     Dimensions of smart ultrasonic motor
     Side view of smart ultrasonic rotary stage with dimensions

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