The SUM-40 is a direct drive piezo ultrasonic motor with an integrated amplifier, controller, and optical encoder that gives the user closed loop control in a compact package. Despite its small size, the SUM-40 boasts a continuous torque of 50 mN-m while the integrated optical encoder provides 130 microradian resolution.

Driver/Controller: Integrated
Total Rotation: 360° Continuous
Max Velocity: 300 RPM (1500 deg/s)
Max Rated Torque: 100 mN-m
Continuous Torque: 50 mN-m
0V Holding Torque: 100 mN-m
Feedback: Optical Encoder
Encoder Resolution: 46,592 counts/rev, 130 microradians
Mass: 82g
Rotary Inertia: 0.35 kg-mm^2
Operational Temp: -10C to 55C
Max Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 34.4mm
Shaft Diameter: 4mm
Shaft Radial Load: 20N
Shaft Axial Load: 20N away from motor, 10N toward motor
Driver Peak Power: 12 W
Input Voltage: 12 V
Frame Size: NEMA 17
Motor Housing: Aluminum
Communication: USB-C/RS232 Serial
 The Sum-40 Smart motor
 Torque curve of the Ultrasonic piezo rotary stage
 Side view of smart ultrasonic rotary stage with dimensions
 Dimensions of smart ultrasonic motor