Miniature Actuator controlled by piezo technology with a resonant frequency of over 10 kHz and a resolution of 60 nanoradians.


DSM’s TTA-1200 is a highly miniaturized piezo actuator that delivers over 1200 microradians of controlled rotation in one axis. It is designed to be used with a small mirror fixed to the output and can be used for beam steering.  Due to its small size, it has a resonant frequency over 10 kHz.  It features flexure-guided motion for high precision.  When combined with a low-noise piezoelectric amplifier, such as DSM’s VF-90, the TTA-1200 offers the potential for resolution of 60 nanoradians or better.


Minimum Open-Loop Travel: 1200 microradians
Resonant Frequency: >10 kHz (unloaded)
Electrical Capacitance: 30 nF
Operating Temp Range: 25 to 50 degrees Celsius
Dimensions: 6.4 mm (0.25 in) diameter
8.3 mm (0.325 in) tall
Frame Material: Stainless steel
Mass: 2 grams
Vacuum compatible construction available
Non-magnetic construction available


When a mirror is fixed to the output of the TTA-1200, its high resolution and rapid response can be used for various pointing applications, including:

  • Beam Steering
  • High Frequency Piezoelectric Galvanometer
  • High Speed Rastering