Vertical Linear Accelerators (VLA) are commonly used for single axis vibration or linear acceleration.  They are typically designed for large payloads and can be designed to accommodate any amount of displacement.  

DSM is capable of designing custom VLA's for a number of applications.

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 Vertical Linear Accelerator developed for the Naval Medical Research Unit.

Vertical Linear Accelerator (NAVY)

The VLA was developed for the Naval Medical Research Laboratory to meet two main clinical needs: 1) to identify and transition suitable future visual-vestibular testing devices; 2) to identify and transition airsickness tests and desensitization protocols.  More information on this problem.

Final Design Features:  

  • 12ft. displacement
  • 2Hz frequency response
  • 1G peak acceleration
  • 182kg payload
  • ± 3mm position error
  • Arbitrary waveform capability
  • Triple redundant safety scheme.  
  • Very smooth, accurate, quiet motion 
  • Brushless linear motors and air bearings used to drive and constrain the platform
  • Integration of control cabinet with drivers, dynamic braking, and supplemental I/O

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Horizontal Linear Actuator

System is also available in a horizontal format. Horizontal systems can act as a long travel, large payload, quiet, very low friction linear actuators for use in advanced test systems.