Piezo actuators and positioning systems require unique drive and control electronics.  DSM's electronics expertise and products keep pace with their mechanical counterparts. The electronic products include a family of linear piezo amplifiers and piezo drivers. DSM also offers custom circuit design services for piezo-based applications.

DSM's linear piezo amplifiers provide open-loop driving signals or closed-loop servo control of piezoelectric positioning systems. Our piezo amplifiers are typically sold as single channel benchtop or OEM instruments; custom multi-channel styles are also available.

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Voltage Follower (VF) Series

DSM's VF linear piezo amplifiers are high-quality voltage followers that amplify a low voltage input signal.



Compact OEM format providing 90 mA maximum continuous and peak current for piezo devices rated for up to 150V, 200V or for piezo benders (bimorphs) rated for up to ± 100V. 

VF-150 / PS-150 / DEV-150


OEM linear piezo amplifier, power supply and development board. Delivers up to 300 mA of peak current and up to 150 mA of continuous current.



High-power benchtop instrument providing 500 mA maximum continuous current (1 A peak) for driving piezoelectric devices rated up to 200V.


Servo Amplifier (SA) Series



The SA-500 servo amplifier includes the functionality of the VF-500 and adds additional capabilities for communication, I/O, and stand-alone servo control of piezo positioning systems. The SA-500 is typically sold as part of a custom system using a customer's specified feedback device.  High-resolution position control can be achieved using the SA amplifier to close the loop on an analog or digital feedback signal integrated into the positioning system.

Motor Driver (MD) Series

MD-90 Motor Driver 01 copy.jpg

The MD-90 is a 2-channel linear amplifier with integrated controller for operating the I-20 piezo motor.