Piezo actuators and positioning systems require unique drive and control electronics.  DSM's electronics expertise and products keep pace with their mechanical counterparts. 

DSM offers custom circuit design services for piezo-based applications.  

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Voltage Follower (VF) Series

DSM's VF linear piezo amplifiers are high-quality voltage followers that amplify a low voltage input signal.


Compact OEM format providing 90 mA maximum continuous and peak current for piezo devices rated for up to 150V, 200V or for piezo benders (bimorphs) rated for up to ± 100V.  Low noise for precision applications; 0.5 mVrms typical.



High-power benchtop instrument providing 500 mA maximum continuous current (1 A peak) for driving piezoelectric devices rated up to 200V.


CL1 Closed Loop Piezo Controller (NI cRIO Platform)

DSM’s CL1 is a robust, “plug-and-play”, closed loop piezo controller based on National Instruments’ (NI) CompactRIO platform.

The NI Closed Loop Piezo Controller Includes

  1. DSM Labview User Interface
  2. DSM Control Firmware (loaded on the FPGA)
  3. NI cRIO-9076 Real-Time Controller and LX45 FPGA
  4. NI 9215 Analog Input Module or NI 9401 Digital Input Module, and
  5. NI 9263 Analog Output Module
  6. Power Supplies

Add the following for a complete closed-loop system:

  • Piezo Amplifier(s)
  • Piezo Actuator(s) or Stage(s)
  • Closed Loop Sensor(s) including: Strain Gage, LVDT, Capacitive Probe, Digital Encoder


The SA-500 servo amplifier includes the functionality of the VF-500 plus adds additional capabilities for communication, I/O, and stand-alone servo control of piezo positioning systems.  High-resolution position control can be achieved using the SA amplifier to close the loop on an analog or digital feedback signal integrated into the positioning system.

Motor Driver (MD) Series

The MD-90 is a 2-channel linear amplifier with integrated controller for operating the I-20 piezo motor.