1998: Dynamic Structures and Materials, LLC (DSM) Founded.  Jeffrey Paine purchased "Garmin Systems Inc" and its Intellectual property from Ephrahim Garcia, a former Vanderbilt and Cornell Professor.

Successfully participated in the SBIR program by winning its first awards; total $165,000. 

First sale of a DSM Flextensional Piezo Actuator (FPA).

1999: Received Phase II/I SBIR funds exceeded $1M

2000: Moved to New Facility in Franklin, TN

Built DSM's first 3-axis piezoelectric actuator with parallel kinematics.

2001:  DSM Piezo Shaker installed onboard the International Space Station.   Ballistic Missile Defense SBIR BMDO Update Issue #38

2002: DSM collaborated on the book,  Compliant Mechanisms: Design of Flexure Hinges, writing the book on flexure architectures. 

2003:  Sold First Z-Stage piezo Actuator. Custom product developed for semiconductor processing.

Sold first closed loop piezoelectric positioning system. 

First year as National Instruments Alliance Partner.   

2006: First $1M in Commercial Sales

2007: DSM delivered the custom Goniometric Optical Scattering Instrument (GOSI), which is used for materials characterization by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

2008:  Delivered first actuators rated for use in cryogenic environments.

DSM developed high-precision alignment systems for the photonics industry. 



2009: A DSM piezoelectric motor was successfully used to control a valve in an ACS hot fire test.

Started bringing part fabrication in-house to improve delivery, quality, and cost.

2012:  Moved to 2nd (current) New Facility in Franklin, TN

DSM actuator used in successful hardware-in-loop test for guided munition.

2013:  Purchased Sodick AQ400L wire EDM machine with Super Pika option for very high quality flexure fabrication.

2014:  Sold first fast piezo shutter, used in a UHV beamline.

2015:  DSM established two divisions:  One to focus on OEM and commercial sales and one that continues to pursue SBIR grants and advanced product development programs.